Fall is giving into winter.

Hello from the Hoosier Bee Man.

This week was filled with the final winter preparations. Working with the weather was a challenge! Working inside honey house staging material on them foul weather days. Weather forecast was predicting 1 good outside work day this week to get all the bee yards completed, I was happy to have that 1 day! Sometimes I don’t get that 1 outside bee work day and have to just grin & get r done. I called in my reinforcement, my beautiful bride agreed to help me get all the hive tops flipped and hive top feeders removed for winter. ** check out HBM FB page for video **.

The honey sales and honey deliveries were still a must as scheduled. Folks stopping by for local honey pick up is always a pleasure for me and my bride, good conversation!

The Hoosier Bee Man honey gift boxes are now available for Christmas with a few honey options to pick from. Choose 1 pint or 2 or even a quart of honey. You get to pick your honey of choice, spring or fall honey. You also get FREE shipping within the continental US. You can save $10 if your able to pick up your Hoosier Bee Man honey Christmas gift box.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Remember Bee Happy