Busy as a bee week making winter preparations

Hello from the Hoosier Bee Man.

This week in North West Indiana went from beautiful fall weather right into winter! It was a scurry to beat the cold and snow. The honey bees were scurrying also to fetch what they could from the field. The 5 gallon open feeder buckets use were slowing up do to the cold weather. I was hustling to get hive top feeders on the bee hives. I like this type of feeder, the bees heat keeps the syrup warm inside which keeps them drinking and back filling the brood comb with winter food stores. Spent 2 days in rubber boots and rain gear as the temperature fell and the rain gave way to snow, burr! The bees entrances were also reduce to keep the field mice at the bee yards out of the hives as they to are looking for a nice warm home to winter down in also.

If you are curious HBM spring honey is still available and sought after, it is a yummy honey in your tummy.

Fall Hoosier Bee Man “HBM” honey is selling quickly for October. What will November bring, more honey sales I hope, I have to puchase more wooden ware and supplies for the next bee season so we can provide more HBM honey.

*** Hint Hint, there is something new coming from the HBM for you. ***

See ya next week, bee happy!