Bee Related Services

Aside from our honey, Hoosier Bee Man offers many bee-related services such as crop pollination, hive & swarm removal, hive sitting & assistance, honey bee education, and even getting you set up with your very own bee hive.

Local Pollination

Hoosier Bee Man offers local pollination services for fruits and vegetables.

Let our bees help you ensure your crops are producing this harvest.

Hive & Swarm Removal

Do you have a hive or unannounced visiting swarm of honey bees or bumblebees?

Don’t kill or spray them! Call Hoosier Bee Man.

Hoosier Bee Man offers local hive and swarm removal services.

Hive Sitting & Hive Assistance

Are you going on vacation and need someone to look after your hive while away or do you just need help managing your hive?

Hoosier Bee Man offers hive sitting and assistance to help you keep your bees safe and healthy.

General Honey Bee Education

Hoosier Bee Man offers bee education with on-site tours and guest speaking events at your location for groups, classes, and more.

Learn about bees and the honey making process from the Hoosier Bee Man.

Adopt A Hive

Get started with your very own bee hive with Hoosier Bee Man’s Adopt-a-hive service.

Hoosier Bee Man will provide a complete Langstroth hive setup including installation and even some honey bees to get you going.

For more information on any of our services or to schedule one of our services, please contact us today.