About Hoosier Bee Man

Me, bees and stinging things go back awhile.

I recall catching bees with my brother Ed in the yard and putting them in glass baby food jars.

My brother also recalls us catching bees at my grandparent’s greenhouses, “Cooper Green Houses”, in Hebron, Indiana and using them as fishing bait in my uncle Sonny’s home pond just behind the greenhouses.

Catching bees and not getting stung was learned quickly. Around this time I also learned that catching hornets was a bit trickier and caused me to really swell and that yellow jackets DO NOT like to be disturbed.

My son, Alex, and I learned together that you CAN NOT outrun a swarm of bumblebees.

My life long passion for bees brings me to today; running 75 hives between 3 bee yards with just 3 people: me, myself and I.

“Think like a bee and act like a bee.”

– Hoosier Bee Man

The Hoosier Bee Man motto is “think like a bee and act like a bee”. Using nature keeps it simple, not easy. With this motto in mind, I am as natural a honey producer as possible.

I pride myself on 100% pure raw honey, lightly filtered to remove only the beeswax cappings.

Hoosier Bee Man honey is extracted and hand-jarred in my honey house. The Hoosier Bee Man honey has never been pasteurized (heated above nature’s own temperatures) and has no added sugars of any kind.

This is the real McCoy – pure 100% raw Hoosier Bee Man honey.

From nature… to my hives… to your home.